In the endmyopia inbox yesterday, a message from Chris.

This could serve as the very template of the exact things that you can expect to happen when finally trying to escape the lens-subscription machinations of your local optic shop.

Chris reduced his diopter dependence by 25% in the past two years, and the optometrist confirmed it – though not happily:

I remembered to post this one for you here, since somebody in our forum was questioning the standard improvement rate quote of about 0.75 diopters per year.  

That’s why I continue to add to the thousands of eyesight improvement updates.  And do the podcast. I want you guys to hear what I hear and have a way to look at the compounding picture of what goes on.  Yes, nobody needs glasses to see clearly.  Yes, the improvement rate, once you remove the problematic stimulus, is quite consistent.

And the other repeating theme, the optometry industry trying to sabotage any actual improvement in the condition they’re trusted to “treat”.

What they’re mainly treating is their margins.  And their customers, like they don’t deserve informed consent, legitimate questions answered, options given besides ongoing lens subscriptions.


Go make some 20/20 gains, darlings!