Yes, today is a funny one.

As you might have seen from the article headline image, someone joined our Facebook group to call out the bearded sagely one.

Indra.  Brave one, right into the lion’s den.

There’s one thing worth considering for these kind of things.  Which is, be open to criticism, to questioning, to disbelief, to being called out.  Indra might not be the smartest tool in the shed but what he says thousands of other people must have thought when coming across endmyopia.

So let it out there.  Give the critics space to express themselves.

Here’s screenshots of the entire thread (at least what it’s so far):

The kittehs hath spoken.

The full thread is here.      

Of course you might say, Jake.  Indra is a troll.  Don’t feed the trolls.

And you’d be right.  As a habit we won’t start letting this sort of thing go on all too often.   Just once in a while, a little stirring of the pot.  ;)

Keep making those 20/20 gains!