It’s time darlings, for another student 20/20 gains progress report.

Title of this story?  A little misleading.  Let’s look at what Kristen says first hand, get the actual scenario:

We do what we do.

Those are some excellent starter gains.

Except, you know.  Fixing initial overcorrection and eye strain is “easy”.  Relatively you’re not quite yet really reversing your myopia, you’re just correcting some of the major issues with too many diopters and the basic problems of using all that minus for close-up.  That’s a major accomplishment of course since you did have to learn quite a bit about the basics of vision biology and optics.

(How long does it take to improve my eyesight?)

So look at Kristen’s initial progress more of as a great first step towards less close-up strain and beginning to use only as much correction as needed.

And some gains too, of course.

There’s a whole lot of fruity hippie health nonsense online.  The only way to help yourself, is to help yourself.  Learn the science basics, question everything that you don’t fully understand yourself, and then try things once you do.

And that’s basically the recipe for success in life for not just your eyeballs.  

Keep making those 20/20 gains!