Let’s do another full diopter progress report today.

Sylvia writes:

Solid start.

And here’s the chart that Sylvia references:

I love chart.

You should always keep a log, especially when just getting started.  Measure frequently and later on when you’re well into successful reductions, still do at least 1-2 measurements a month.  You’ll want that graph to look at in times you’re feeling not sure, progress seems slow, or you just need that extra bit of motivation.

Keep track of how far you’ve come!

Also note that Sylvia is doing this all with just the blog.  As I keep repeating innumerable times in e-mails (or more accurately, the e-mail admin is), every important answer is absolutely in the blog.  Magnanimously sponsored by the regally gilded beard of the last of the eye gurus.  And course while BackTo20/20 is entry into the guru temple itself, you don’t have to throw around the donations just to get back your 20/20 vision.

Enjoy your eyeballs.  Life’s short (or long and awesome, depending on what you decide to do with it).