Conny: -3.25 Down To -1.75 D

Ok, so ... Your most favorite and ever wise and sagely barefooted guru has been wanting to post some of the more recent[...]

Jake Steiner

Mar 23,2019 · 2 min read

Ok, so …

Your most favorite and ever wise and sagely barefooted guru has been wanting to post some of the more recent videos for you, here in the bloglet.  

It’s something I keep looking forward to.  But then every day (every. single. day!) we keep being interrupted by all these pesky gainz reports.

Like Conny:


And I have to post them here for you.

Since it’s just the sort of thing that most of the industry claiming to be the official stewards of your eyesight doesn’t get to show even a single time, in decades of cumulative “practice” of managing myopia.  And yet us, teeny little nothing destination on the Interwebs, not even doctors or optometrists or remotely professionals, we seems to get these magical diopter reductions updates, every day.

Errrrrr daaaay.

It’s probably some kind of trick.  Another Internet scheme of some kind.  Conspiracy theories.  Because how could it possibly be that stimulus and biology have a place in figuring out myopia this day and age.  Pure nonsense, darlings.  Genetic deficiency, and buy these glasses.  Just remember those two key points.

Also, Krysten here with some high diopter reduction progress:


Krysten here clearly, one of the people who won’t listen to the mainstream wisdom.

Think about it.  She’d be perfectly fine at -8 diopters of massive high myopia, and piled on another three enormous diopters of astigmatism.  Perfectly fine and content.  Instead she’s going through all this trouble of understanding biology and reducing diopter dependence and making educated choices rather than just blindly (well not yet, quite) following symptom treatment advice from an industry built around ripping you off.

As I keep saying, I personally don’t condone any of this.  If it were up to me (sadly nothing ever is), I’d send everybody to the optometrist.  Go get glasses.  Don’t start thinking for yourself.  It’s a slippery slope and a whole lot of corporate shareholders depend on you not doing any of that.

I’m powerless here.  So if you’re going to get back to 20/20, I can’t really stop you.




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