Loving the video updates!

Very very slowly we’re getting some of our darling participants to throw in some videos of their updates.  So much more context than just text on a screen, and great to see all the enthusiasm.

One challenging thing about video updates is that you’re bound to get about five billion questions.  Just to be kind to everyone putting out these updates please take the time to read and understand and investigate on your own (everything you need is right here on the site).  It gets overwhelming from them otherwise to get all the endless “so how’d you do it” and “just give me the stepzz plzzz” inquiries.  

We do have a large and active community in our Facebook group as well as the no-social-media Le Meow forum.  After you’ve spent a few weeks getting familiar with your eyesight and all the endmyopia core concepts, you’ll find lots of conversation and inspiration for your own journey back to 20/20 there!

Here’s Leah’s second update video:

Well done!

For her first update check her channel and for more student videos check out our playlist of improvement reports.