Let’s try again today the new tradition of weekly-ish updates of darling kitteh improvement reports.

First up, Eva:

What can I say …

This isn’t the first or only time I’ve heard of this.  

It seems to be getting more frequent as of late, which has to make one wonder.  Is it just some synchronicity or magic of the universe, or are we really seeping into mainstream consciousness?

And here, while this isn’t quite an improvement report, I like to highlight the sneaky tactics of lens sellers sometimes:

Know what you’re being sold.

Next Alex, with some optometrist confirmed gains:

Even the optometrist can’t deny the gains.

And on from optometrist confirmed gains, here we have government agency, department of motor vehicles saying that Aubin no longer needs glasses for driving:

All praise the glorious beard.

Keep in mind, this is just weekly-ish highlights.

There are hundreds more, a never-ending stream of gains reports.  And while I would love to have you believe that ole Jakey has mystical healing powers (or is some kind of completely savant genius), we’re just dealing with simple biology here.  It’s like stopping with the pizza and donuts and losing weight.  Sadly, not a miracle.

And not just in e-mails and the Facebook group, also in our Le Meow forum, all teh gainz:


Starting out at -0.75, and beating that last diopter.  And awesome charts!

And here’s one to piss you off:

For real, though.

Now, I can’t verify the validity of these comments.

However, it’s not unlikely that it’s true.  Literally wtf, and at least half the reason I keep up with this resource and spreading the word.  Some of these so-called professionals are out of their minds!

Here’s John, making skeptical gains:

That’s the way to do it.

There’s a reason that I refer to myself in the third person, and as the last living eye guru.

I WANT you to be skeptical.  

If you’re not skeptical about Internet people and their random alternative health ideas and talking about mainstream medicine being a fraud, then you’re really just asking to either be ripped off or possibly really risking your actual health. (yes, that guy has kidney failure because of vitamin overdose)

Of course what I’d really like is to have a temple built on a mountain top for me and be worshipped like a god.  Sadly I’m lacking both charisma and egomania to make that one happen.

And one more:

Bam.  One diopter gains.

This report just to say, I really like any and all improvement reports.  

You can keep it short and to the point. or tell a whole story.  Either way I try to post as many as I can here, now with the new and hopefully recurring weekly-ish format.  

Take away from this that you’re certainly not alone, there are plenty of gains to be made, I’m here watching, listening, replying, forward, and sharing.  If we don’t do this, soon humanity will be blind as rats – all just to feed one industry’s need for endless profits.

Keep making those 20/20 gains!