Gains updates time, kittehz.

First of all, please let me say that a darling guru is very, very far removed from the West.  And all the curious and rapidly changing ideas about free speech, extra enhanced political correctness, and generally things that an old man finds quite confusing.

Seems like we’d have more pressing problems than trying to practice being little fascists with each other while the big corporate machines continue grinding our lives into infinite data points and personalized ads.

This mini rant just because a recent video posted by yours truly apparently qualifies as a hate crime in the USA.  Hate. Crime.  (maybe some old beardly character did say that he may be tempted to punch unicorn eye exercises peddlers in the face, though not literally – which though saying so is still literally considered a crime in the nation of “freedom” and “free speech” and all of the free-ness)

But … we shalt digress.  On to the gains!

Christie: -2.25 Down To -0.50


That’s pretty decent.  

Also, brought to you by a guru of hate crimes.  Better watch yourself, now.   Jake’s entirely possibly coming unhinged with all teh crimez at any moment.  

Shut up Jake, you’re thinking.  

From -2.00 Down To -0.75

Life, in your own hands.

Still annoyed.  Not going to comment on this one further.  Other than, great gains.

Daughter Sees 20/40 But “Prescribed” -4.75

This honestly is what should qualify as hate crime, if anything:

And still I shake my head.

Yes, that’s progress in the right direction.  

And yet if you can see 20/40 without glasses, even -3.25 is a huge question mark as far as what’s actually needed here.  

Of course it’s entirely acceptable that 100 billion dollar industries exist and are rewarded for creating a worldwide myopia crisis.  That’s totally fine.  There’s clearly no actual crime being committed here and we should all just be glad that we can go buy a quick fix to forget about our screen addiction.

Ade: -6.00 Down To -4.25


Well.  There we go.

It feels a bit silly, to be honest.

Posting the seven millionthst improvement report, repeating over and over the (non?) obvious fact that vision biology indeed does what vision science and pretty much all clinical research says it is supposed to do.

But, ok.

Cymmie: -3.75 Now -1.25

Another one:

Yup yup.

Mainly I’m curious when we’ll entirely run out of commentary and just start posting endless scrolling posts of improvement reports.

Could be soon.

Jeremy:  -2.50 Down To -0.50

May I have another.

Pretty quick, this one.

These do deserve a whole lot more respect than Jakey’s flippant commentary.

Juan: -2.50 To -1.25

And there’s more.

As expected.

I really want to post just the raw data, all incoming improvement e-mails.

It would be a shocking amount of scrolling that you’d have to do.  Pretty much almost every day.  Just a never ending stream of people who are reversing their myopia.  Rapid amounts of reduction of diopter dependence.  

Not just one here and there, but literally hundreds and hundreds of these reports.

Since I do have to read, screenshot, save, blur out names, highlight main points, compress, upload, and post, there are definitely not enough hours in the day to post all reports.

Lisa: Son From -2 To -1.50

More progress:

Taking care of your kids.

Do protect your children from this crazy profit grab.

Susanah: -5.75 Down To -4.00


That’s real excitement.

Actually what will be amazing is when we’ll move from words on screens to video updates.  Can you imagine all these as actual faces of people telling their stories?

Guillermo:  Reduced 1.5 Diopters

Let’s keep going:

Very nice.

We do accept Via, Mastercard,  and karma points.

Elina: -.5.25 To -3.50


Rolling through those diopters.

I like the ones with pictures.

Also it’s hard to stay grumpy when looking at all these happy updates.

Ehsaan: -2.00 To -0.50

How many more should we do?

Are you getting jaded yet?

I say this every so often.  Imagine any kind of “treatment” for any kind of “health condition” out there, that’s free, and easy, and this effective.

Yea, right.  It’d spell bankruptcy for some major industry.  And then we’d have no jobs.  And shareholders would be quite un-pleased.  And Google wouldn’t have any ads to sell for it.  It’d be an net loss for everybody.

Except, you know.  We’d be all right.

Being all right is highly unprofitable.

Hamza: -9.25 To -6.25

Yes yes, more:

It does work at very high diopters, too.

Worthwhile endeavors.

Vivienne: Ok So This Is Nonsense

I just had to show you this one:


They. will. sell. you. something.

You walk into a retail store, and talk to the sales people, they will find something that you “need”.  It’s a shocking revelation, I know. 

Vincent: More Messing With Kids Eyes

Check out this one:

“it’s in his DNA”

So.  Any ophthalmologist who says myopia is genetic, should honestly not be allowed to “practice”.  Even a five minute read of how genetics work will tell just about anybody that this sort of sudden population-wide mutation in the past few decades is biologically unfeasible.

Not just unfeasible, but otherwise also all ophthalmology scientific literature very clearly explains the actual cause of myopia.

This is professional ignorance at its painfully worst.  Now do imagine having to read this kind of crap just about every day.  

You’d be cranky, too.

Batuhan: -2.25 To -1.50

Aaaand … more.


Tell me where to go from here.

What else can we do?  Explain existing biology facts, shows what happens when people implement said facts into their lives.  Demonstrate myopia reversing with theory as well as first hand accounts.  

What else?

What will do the trick, to get us all to go … well then, I guess myopia isn’t actually a real problem.  Screen addiction, too much close-up, the wrong way to deal with the symptom.  It’s really an easy fix once we take a step back from the P&L and shareholder meetings and focus on the issue.

Esther: Skeptic

Last one.

Logs are handy.

Let’s end it on this skeptic-but-data, note.

My goal here was mainly to just reduce the size of the pile of improvement reports in the endmyopia inbox by a little bit.  Reiterate the point of obviousness.  Regale you with tales of mischief and individual experience, while trying to contain the latent tendency for guru-crime and triggering Internet micro fears and aggressions.

You know what this means.

Be online less.  None of it matters, it’s all just short circuiting your brain’s social functions and reward centers.  It’s all not a whole lot better for you than actually smoking crack in some abandoned basement – except in this case you’re encouraged since it makes Google and Facebook lots of money.  Plus you’re sitting on a couch while thumbing a glass screen rather than sitting on the ground clutching a glass bowl.  Much, much better.  


Go outside.  Get bored.  Find entertainment the old-school way, with your arms and legs and yes, your eyes too.