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So, kittehz.

As you may have noticed if you’re watching the endmyopia Tubes of late, we started doing video chats with participants.  Jaaaaaaaaaa.  Discussing improvement reports now going beyond just posts in the Facebook group, and lazy copy-paste jobs from my inbox.

There’s this playlist I made, to keep track of these new chat formats.

It’s definitely a whole lot more work than just throwing up the usual quick post on gains reports.  Though judging by my folder of ‘improvement reports waiting for posting’, an old guru has definitely grown weary of doing the same old thing over and over again.  We have so many hundreds of improvement reports I haven’t posted yet, and to be honest … we have so many online already, it’s starting to feel the tiniest bit redundant.

So a certain be-bearded (just like be-spectacled but with beard fur) old dummy thought to his-self one day, why not make this more interesting?  Or perhaps, just more complicated?

Of course this way requires me to dig through e-mail improvement reports, find appropriate ones, e-mail them, come up with a schedule that works for everyone, find a place that’s quiet and has good internet to record, do intros and edits and upload.   And that’s not even starting with everyone having to overcome any trepidations about being on video, about fitting stuff in their schedule, all participants actually making these happen.

Definitely a dozen more steps than just copy-pasting an e-mail improvement.

But it does have way more impact, doesn’t it?  

Here’s Megan:

Really, truly enjoyed this chat.

So many details here we wouldn’t have gotten, if not for a two way dialog.  Plus, being humans and all, it seems that text on a screen doesn’t do communication that much justice.  Sure it was very useful in a time before video and Internet was possible.  Now we have this ability though to record our thoughts with so much more context, and we need to take advantage of it.

Maybe.  Or let’s see how long the beardly ambitions last for this one.  

Let me know if you find these useful, and I’ll do my best to keep them going.


– Jakey, Videography and Scheduling Department