It’s been a while, daaaaahlings.

Time to get some of these progress reports off the inbox.  Heads up, as always there are a zillion of them.  Tip of the iceberg, scratching the surface of glorious beards, and acts of defiance against your rulers and institutionalized profiteers.

Let’s dive in.

Mitja: -5.50 Down To -4.50

About the average for a year’s progress.  Cool part is that you can easily keep repeating this, year after year, till you’re no longer a hostage to little clear curved pieces of plastic.

Laurie: -6.00 Down To -4.00

So that’s a bit faster than average, though still normal for just getting started.

Note here that sometimes I get complaints that this site is entirely too self-referential and how it all looks like a scam or conspiracy.


Which of these two, you’re thinking?  Both.  All of them.  

David: -3.25 Down To -2.00

Another complaints I get is how these are just progress reports.

So what, people say.  They still have myopia.  

To which I say, that’s right of course.  Demonstrating feasibility of myopia reduction doesn’t by itself warrant the idea that you can get back all the way to 20/20.

Except, that you can.

Gerald: From -4.00 Down To -2.50

People do complain a lot, in general.

What they don’t realize is that for the most part, ole Jakey could give a f*ck whether Hobly McHoblenstein Random Dude on the Interwebs choses ignorance over enlightenment.  Does it matter to the guru on any personal level whatsoever, whether some nerd online opts to be hostage to lenses for life?  

Learned helplessness.  This site isn’t geared up to fix failing at life.

Brenda: -4.25 Down To -3.50 (and all astigmatism gone)

Friends of the blog may wince and think that this is all a bit harsh.

And it is.  But so is trying to be helpful and being all naively excited and pouring a billion hours into free resources – and then getting sh*t on by morons who can’t type the words “Google” and “Scholar” into their address bar.  Science?  What science!

Also of course catering to said morons is far more profitable (and easy) than trying to be helpful.  Not always easy to maintain faith in humanity.

Henry: -3.50 Down To -2.00 (no more astigmatism)

Except of course for all the people who aren’t morons, can manage to leap between skeptical cynicism and rational research.  

There are tons of those, like Henry above.

Yes it also means putting up with these rants, to some degree.  But that’s the collective burden to bear since no eye guru can deal with the dumb sh*t that rains down from the Internet every day, without venting about it.

Now that’d be a totally different story if I was trying to milk as many of you as possible, for money.  Then it’d probably be all flowers and rainbows and inspirational speeches, and nobody would ever be called a moron.

Joe: From -5.75 Down To -4.25

Joe, doing well here.

Back to the previous point.  You’re getting all the benefits, for free, leaving me with nothing to gain from pretending to be nice and inclusive and endlessly patient.

Maybe there’s a lesson in here somewhere.  Remove yourself from accountability.  Be less greedy.  Expect less from people.  End up with the wonderful freedom of being able to tell everybody to f*ck off if they don’t like it.  

Amanda: -8.00 Down To -5.75 (and no more astigmatism)

Amanda really pulled in some serious gains.

And also with Amanda, I want to say, hey Amanda please cover your ears for a minute.  Because I’m about to be a d*ck and actually I love you guys and it’s amazing that you’re making all the gains and I’m super proud of you taking all this initiative.

Also sending all these progress reports, humbling and exciting and very happy to share these with you.

Patrick: -3.50 Down To -2.00

I mean, sure.  They’re words on a screen.  We don’t know any of these people personally.

It’s more of not just sitting back and watching the world burn.  It’s hugely emotionally damaging to spend your life at a pointless sh*t job, knowing that either your life is wasted – or worse yet you’re doing something that’s actually harming our collective progress and chances of survival and happiness.

If you have kids, you’ll understand this one.

Sara: -4.00 Down To -1.50

This is what friends should be for.  Nice one on part of Sara.

People also complain that this site has too many improvement reports.

Picture at this moment an old eye guru finding a most sonorous burp to offer to the screen, along with a most regally gracious middle finger.

Felicia: -5.00 Down To -2.00

And who knows, maybe there are too many of these improvement updates.

The feedback is key to ongoing and gradual improvement of this site.  For sure as a one-man show the site has had countless flaws.  The community has improved so many aspects of it and also created the most efficient ways to improve eyesight on a far reaching, global scale.

A lot of the feedback I complain about, I also mull over a ton.  I hire people to review words, people to fix logos and layouts and proofread the e-mail series.  I think about whether the ranting is too much ranting.

(It’s not.  There’s no such thing as too much ranting.)

Kris: -4.25 Down To -3.25

In some ways, I can’t just flip people off and call them morons and be rude.

We should represent all of the collective efforts and accomplishments here.  Do it in a way that appeals to at least some newbie visitors.  

A balance between the pleasure of rants, a bit of venting about human stupidity, but also add appreciation and candor and a positive and inspirational message for those who don’t want to be “myopes” anymore.

David: -2.00 Down To -0.75

So please do keep the feedback coming.

Let’s figure out how to keep making endmyopia less self-referential, and more credible to our fellow myopes looking for answers.  Use your considerable talent for convincing cranky eyeguru hermits to behave themselves, to send feedback and suggestions and idea to keep improving endmyopia.

I’m just the guy who ended up doing the thing that needed to get done.  And then all of you darling kittehz came along and kept contributing to make it better and more usable and helpful, and slowly pull the far-out rants into a place that enables all of these great gains we have posted here again, today.

That’s it.  The folder is still full of more gains stories, but we’ll save those for next time.

Keep making (and sharing) all of your 20/20 gains!