You know what?!

It’s video time.  Yay!!!!

Not really yay, I know.  More like a tenuous, oh gee Jake, isn’t thaaat nice.  Don’t knock it though, there are an incredibly gracious and supportive dozen subscribers, several of whom leave comments and thumbs ups.  

Blame them then, for this next installment:


Btw … do you know the trick to success?

Do what you do, until you think you failed.  Then keep doing it till you’re absolutely sure you failed.  Till you know 100% that it’ll never, ever work.  

Then keep doing it.

Do it till even your last friend stops telling you that you can’t make it work.  Somewhere past there, if you still didn’t succeed, you can quit.  But not before then, certainly not that first time when that little voice goes, oh, you’ll never be any good at this.  

That’s how I made the monies, and that’s how I first figured out how to get my eyes back from that ugly -5.00 diopter myopia.  Dozens of eye specialists insisted vehemently that what I was doing was completely futile, and my eyes seemed to be in agreement (for a long time).  It’s a tricky road sometimes, to get where you want to be.

You’ve gotta keep going, even if in this particular case it means me making these videos. 

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Thanks and cheers!  ;)