Disclaimer:  The following is definitely *not* investment advice.  

I’ve literally made millions of dollars over the years, betting that myopia won’t be “cured” by the establishment.  I bet that rather it would be exploited further – despite plenty of science that could put a stop to the whole scheme.  

Whenever somebody says that myopia reversal is impossible, I don’t get upset.  I realize that the person’s mindset is what makes me richer.  The lazy, the morally corrupt, the arrogant eye doctors, and the haters do way more for my asset value, than sharing truth here on @endmyopia.

Just so you know … this is how we do win-win scenarios.  If you come here and beat your myopia and give me the thumbs up, I’m happy.  Totally worth it to me.  And when some idiots says it’s all bulls#t, I’m just as happy to look at my portfolio numbers and smirk.  Sure, buddy.  Elaborate scam, all this natural myopia control.  ;)

Let’s take a step back.

I’m not a stock market guy.  My work is/was in institutional finance (which isn’t the stock market), and some of the money I earned from my work is invested in stock.  Don’t go run out and buy lens manufacturer or medical device maker stock, because of this following bit of musing here.  I own plenty of other stuff, some of it does better than what we’re about to talk about.

Before getting into this whole myopia thing, I didn’t have any stock related to the vision “health” industry.  But there’s something I learned, over the years.

Let’s use other’s words here, to illustrate.  From Helio, “Treat Myopia As A Disease“:

“It’s not just refractive error,” S. Barry Eiden, OD, FAAO, told attendees during the Global Contact Lens Forum. “There’s a greater risk for a host of ocular health problems –glaucoma, retinal detachment, earlier cataract development and development of myopic macular degeneration. It’s the leading cause of visual impairment for many countries.”

Myopic macular degeneration is the seventh leading cause of blindness in U.S., he added.


Jeffrey Cooper


S. Barry Eiden

The incidence of myopia has dramatically increased, Eiden said, and is currently more than 50% of the U.S. population. Some countries, such as South Korea and China, are nearing an incidence of 100%.

The Brien Holden Vision Institute estimates that in 2020 there will be 2.5 billion myopes in the world, he said.

“It’s a lifetime economic burden,” Eiden continued, “with glasses and contacts, treatment of secondary diseases, reduced quality of life and reduced productivity.”

“When I started practice,

[the cause of myopia] was genetic or due to a near environment,” Jeffrey Cooper, MS, OD, FAAO, said. “It was one or the other. Early experimentation showed that (in animals), if the eye was occluded, the axial length grew.

Animal models showed you could change the axial length by putting certain lenses on the eyes. The peripheral portion was found to regulate growth.”

What does this article tell us?

  1. Myopia is a significant driver in a host of vision health problems.
  2. Myopia is affecting more of the human population (explosive growth).
  3. Myopia causes are well known, and yet treatment with lenses continues.

If you’ve been following me for a while, you know I’m not the martyr type.  You don’t see me going out on some crusade, playing the victim, throwing up my hands at the establishment.  This whole endeavor to help you is something that happened organically, and I enjoy interacting with you, sharing ideas, doing something that benefits others, and not just me.

But if we’re going to be logical for a second, the above article tells us something important.  The establishment that controls the myopia message, wants money.  If I want to help you, do I also have to fight them?

The vision health industry and publicly traded corporations that are part of it, are a growth industry.  Helping you reverse your myopia is a passion project.  But meanwhile there is a massive and growing cash machine, which allows anyone to bet on the ongoing decline of human unassisted quality of vision.

It’s not the best investment out there, but it’s definitely no slouch either.

essilor-stock-shot-jakeIf you spend ten minutes digging, you’ll find even better performers.

When I started spending enough time dealing with the subject, the other side of me, the business side, also took notice.  And sometimes when liquidity needed adjusting, I’d put money in lens and related stock.  

It doesn’t really matter here, really.  @endmyopia is about the practical approach of getting your eyes working properly.

A friend recently pointed out the benefit of talking about this here.  He says, that it should offer additional goodwill, since I actually bet against my stock portfolio, by trying to help you reverse your myopia, and shed light on the for-profit motive of the vision “health” industry.  I was more than a little hesitant to do so (it’s kind of dark and cynical, after all, and not really particularly altruistic and guru-eseque).  But f’k it.  It’s true that I financially am better off not doing any of @endmyopia, and simply investing in vision health related stock.  Putting in all the effort of the blog, or even charging for BackTo20/20 is illogical, from a money making perspective. 

It’s not just lens manufacturers, either.  There is so much growth opportunity in related markets, if you look around you start seeing opportunities to make money, all over.  For example, check out MedGadget:

“Global Vitreous Tamponades Market to be Valued at US$77.5 bn by 2020”

[…] Vitreous tamponades are used in vitrectomy procedures conducted in the human eye. These procedures assist in healing or reattachment of the retina and are also used to provide a replacement to a clouded vitreous humor. The vitreous humor of the eye acts as a refractive medium and provides nutrition to the eye. After a trauma or due to the natural process of ageing, the vitreous humor, which is a highly viscous gel-like substance made from collagen and water, starts tearing or getting detached from the fragile retina. To repair this retinal detachment and also for any other vitreoretinal disorders, vitrectomy is required. Vitrectomy involves the removal of the vitreous humor and replacing it with a synthetic substitute. This synthetic substitute is called a vitreous tamponade. […] 

[…] The global vitreous tamponade market is expected to expand due to the rising incidence of retinal detachment and growth of the geriatric population. The growing cases of diabetic retinopathy, macular pucker, and similar other retinal disorders are also driving the global vitreous tamponade market. […] 

Obscure, right?

Well, 77 BILLION dollars obscure.  That one little thing you never even heard of before right now, is approaching the lens market in size.  There are dozen of others, all connected to acute symptom treatment of illnesses that are directly tied to incidences of myopia, in Jakey’s portfolio.

In other words, as myopia degree gets higher in populations, and populations grow, all of these related illnesses become more prevalent.  And the surgical device market accordingly explodes all around you, and you never even know about it.

While I do make a few bucks from this site, in the same time period I’ve literally made millions in stock investment based on what I’ve learned from digging into myopia.

Here’ the takeaway:  You’re being fu##ed by an industry so large, so profit crazy, so completely uninterested in your vision health, that it should make your head spin.  The media isn’t going to pick this site up and show it in a good light, either.  Media wants ad money, and kiss the collective asses of the money dispensing establishment.  

I’m not complaining.  Learning about natural myopia control gave me my eyes back, exposed me to lots of good investment opportunities, and also allows me to help people who don’t want to be part of the myopia charade.  

If you like this site, if you benefit from it, do support it.  


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