No more glasses.  That, nice progress.

There needs to be a little *.  Which is, no more glasses for close-up specifically.  An important milestone in the journey to being glasses-free, is no longer needing them to read up-close.  Which if you want to reminisce about the past, you used to not need in the first place.  Real quick, when did you start actually needing glasses for close-up?

When your old-timey lens seller finally jacked up your “prescription” past two diopters, that’s when.  Send them a thank you card.

But water under the bridge.  Here is today’s dose of all the gains:


Look at that graph!  

Always keep a log.  Or don’t listen to uncle Jake and learn the hard way later why I keep repeating the same things over and over.  My e-mail box is full of “yea I know I should have listened, will do it from now though”. 

See those numbers?  Not linear.  Learn things from this.

And sure, the ever increasing minus jack-assery from the lens sellers caused the problem to begin with.  Let’s forget about that.  Just as long as those same guys don’t now come around trying to tell us that what we’re doing is impossible.  It’s one thing to sell a quick fix solution, that’s fine.  But don’t try to tell smarter people how things “don’t work”.  Just cause you don’t know how, lens seller dude, doesn’t mean it can’t be done.

A couple more gratuitous recent updates, just to get some out of the way.  You know how it is, hard to get them all posted, because there are just so many of them.  

Here’s Matt in the BackTo20/20 forum:

100 cm.  That’s an amazing experience.  Try it, if you haven’t yet.

And here’s Alex, also in the forum:

Look at that centimeter, going up.

And here is Craig, posting in the YouTube comments:


I’ll try to not snark about Craig doing things that are common sense, easy, and free, and how certain professionals would tell you how this is bad and wrong and should never ever be attempted.  There are the haters camping just outside of Gainsville.

Lastly, a student chart I just saw in the forum:

Strong centimeter improvement.

You notice how I sometimes pack in a whole list of improvement reports into one post.  It may seem like cheating but if I don’t do it like this, then every post in the blog will just be improvement reports and we’ll never get around to the how-to guides and other topics.  

Try to think of just one single other resource anywhere that has this kind of massively impactful result.  Online or offline.  There isn’t, of course.  And realize that I never get to posting every single last report, and even more importantly that on average no more than 2-3% of people take the time to post results.  The unreported diopter reductions could fill a Europe-sized Gainsville of optometry refugees.

Jake, you say.  Inappropriate comparison.   

Apologies.  Half kindly old eye guru, half maladjusted trouble maker.  

Keep all those reviews coming.  It’s your experiences that builds the real case for natural myopia control.  You are the key to eventually bringing an end to this old timey blood letting, ice-pick lobotomy, feeding childen heroin cough syrup level of myopia treatment.  Because as we remember, the esteemed and infallible doctors used to think that to be a great idea, also:

Heroin.  Because kids love it.