We still have some responses to my question over on FB to get through, on “what will you do with 20/20 eyeballs”.

It’s a worthwhile exercise since many of us tend to get hung up on process and goals a lot (which is great, to have those), and meanwhile forget to enjoy life.  Takes a conscious effort to pat yourself on the back, give yourself permission to do something fun (and not necessarily entirely adult and responsible).  

So.  Let’s look for fun things to do with 20/20 eyeballs.  Here’s Irina:


Windsurfing.  I’m picking that one out of the list.  

Though, kinda old-timey, isn’t it?  Actually I gave up on it after the mast and things fell on my head enough times.  You have to have a certain amount of coolness and coordination that your eye guru is profoundly lacking.  So if windsurfing is your bag, baby, time to start putting that back on your radar.  Get those eyes back in shape so you can get out there, hang on to some sails and winds.

Got your own goals?  Dreams?  Post them over in the group.  (because as you know, lurking kills puppies)