Al Does It With Just The Blog: -4.75 To 3.00 Progress

You can significantly improve your eyesight, just using the blog.  I often say that you don’t need to buy things from me.  The e-mail series, plus reading, will definitely give you all the right ideas. […]

Jake Steiner

Oct 27,2015 · 5 min read

You can significantly improve your eyesight, just using the blog.  I often say that you don’t need to buy things from me.  The e-mail series, plus reading, will definitely give you all the right ideas. Al reduced his prescription dependence by 1.75 diopters, in 11 short months. Inspiring, right?  Al posts his progress update in the comments, in response to my freak-out rant from earlier:

What a great post. I once had a martial arts instructor who held similar attitudes to the art he was teaching. Many people in consumer society expect that all things can be devolved to a simple monetary transaction – one where they can make the demands as they are the customer. There’s a certain level of arrogance there. My sifu would say that you can’t buy the art. His attitude was: “I have this thing that is awesome. You can’t just walk in, throw your money down and demand it. Show me you are the right character and I’ll start teaching you. Show me you are dedicated and I’ll keep teaching you”. Even though I’m a non-paying student of yours, I’ve got incredible results. What you are teaching works. I was prescribed -4.75 in December last year. In good light, I can now read the 20/20 line with -3.00. As you say, all you need to know is on the website for free. No one else out there has anything as good as this – the tone of the posts, the subjects you discuss and the sheer volume of information and posts are gold. I’m not looking for errors and to criticise. I’m looking for the information that will help me get my vision back. I can’t thank you enough for what you are doing. Like Bruce Lee said: “It’s like a finger pointing away to the moon. Don’t concentrate on the finger or you will miss all that heavenly glory”. The spelling and grammar elitists are just looking at the finger. I’d like to show them a certain finger but maybe they’d miss the point and say I needed a manicure or something…

Really enjoyed reading this one. Behind the scenes moment: I say no a lot.  One of the unspoken rules is that anyone who e-mails complaining, entitled, demanding things, gets banned.  I spent time and money to set  up a secret ban list system (at least till now, it was secret) that denies those on the list access to BackTo20/20.  Automatically and forever.  They won’t even know unless they try to sign-up. Another comment on that same rant-post, from Christian:

Hahahaha wooow. That just reminded me to the time I worked at a cheap sandwich place. I thought everybody would be a customer like I am: “put everything in it and toast it, thank you.” I understood people would have different tastes though and that was fine with me. But nooo, you had to deal with those very picky people that thought we brought our meat from Argentina and our bread from France, and that they were going to dine in this 5 star restaurant that sold sandwiches for 5 bucks. Now dear lady, it’s already a CRAZY thing that you want to pay for a program online that shows you, completely against mainstream western optometry, how to reverse your eyesight back to 20/20. If you really had to explain anything to your husband , grammar and typos in an email would be the last thing you would want to talk about. Honestly,posts like this show me how real you are Jake and I’m glad about that cause It makes me realize there’s another human being behind the other side of the screen instead of an automated sales machine that only wants to subscribe people to get money. I do acknowledge that what I’m doing is already insane but at least this website tells me I’m not the only one that is trying to reverse his myopia based sound scientific ideas. I appreciate your work a lot. Danke schön!

Heh.  Gern geschehen!  ;-) For those of you who keep track of the Twitter progress:  We’ve got a promising new addition to the team, dedicated to just Twitter.  She’s on a one month trial right now, possibly a long term addition of things work out.  Lots of interesting lessons about social media, and you’re probably going to find some amusing faux pas as I learn the ways.  Follow me there if you’re into such things, and do feel free to offer suggestions.  Twitter chats! Lastly, for those asking why there haven’t been new videos lately.  First month of baby time.  Jakey looks like a well tortured captive of a jungle tribe.   Yikes.  (pretty cool jungle gym, though)

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