Roberto’s 10 Month Progress: From -3.75 Reduced to -2.50

There is one phrase I type so many times that my fingers probably twitch these keystrokes while I sleep:

You don’t need to buy anything from me, to improve your eyesight.  Everything you need is in the blog.

Usually it’s something I mention responding to e-mails from people saying they wish they could afford BackTo20/20, or that they’ll do it eventually, or asking whether they can get an extension for sign-up, or an exception if their invite already expired.

And I always say it.  Don’t need to buy anything.

The only reason to spend money, is to get a structured approach, and support.  That’s it.  You don’t need either.  It’s nice to have.  I’d have it.  But need?  Not really.  To help make this point, an e-mail today from Roberto, a reader of the blog and myope (and not a student in BackTo20/20).  In response to my occasional checking in with readers, he describes his progress in some detail.

As you read his e-mail bear in mind that Roberto did this while just reading the forum.  He hasn’t been badgering me for answers via e-mail, he hasn’t been whining, he hasn’t bought anything.  He’s just been reading, making sense of it all, and applying what he’s been learning.  Here’s what he’s managed to accomplish so far:


Nice work, Roberto.

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Take encouragement from this progress report.  Well on track, and just from reading the blog.  He is doing it, you can too!

Non-student reader questions? I answer prescription specific and individual progress related questions in the forum exclusively.



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Roberto’s 10 Month Progress: From -3.75 Reduced to -2.50
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