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Astigmatism.  The correction that is exceedingly rare in actual necessity.  Yes, you probably didn’t actually have astigmatism the first time they gave you glasses with correction for it.  Surprised?  Incredulous?  Not sure what to think?

Browse this section for science about astigmatism, how-to guides, and a whole lot of students who successfully reversed their lens-induced astigmatism.  Odds are you won’t need this complex focal plane correction for long!

Dina: How Astigmatism Fix Cured A Lifetime Of Headaches

Do you get a lot of headaches?  Do your glasses (contact lenses) include astigmatism correction?  Then you, kitteh, may have astigmatism headaches - and must read this post.  ;) The endmyopia Facebook group has only two rules. One of them, the more important one, is:  Don't give diopter specific advice.  In other words, don't comment "hey I think you should try a -4.50, that sounds about right".  Why this no-diopter-advice rule?  Well, liability potential for one.  But also because in [...]

Yulia: “No F**ing Cylinders!”

Yulia's quite enthusiastic forum update made me smile, first thing this morning.  Here it is, maybe it'll have a similar effect on you: Hey Jake, i want to write today the update! i started feeling lots of eye strain in my long distance glasses and i decided to go to my friendly optometrist today. So guess what? Based on what we tried with her i see pretty clear without astigmatism with my normalised as well. That was something completely blowed [...]

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Yulia: 3 Diopters Of Astigmatism – Eliminated!

You hear me talk about 'junk' diopters and about prescription complexity and about using only as much focal plane change as you actually need. Sorting all that out, a big initial part of your road to improving eyesight. Take a look at Yulia's experience, as she updates us in the forum.  For reference Yulia came in with -2 diopters of cylinder (astigmatism) in the left eye, and -1D cylinder in the right eye.  That's a total of three diopters of [...]

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Astigmatism Caused By Ciliary Muscle

Above:  Yes, sometimes it's the cornea.  Other times, less so.Somehow we ended up talking about various potential causes of astigmatism in the forum.  I briefly pointed to some studies looking at the connection between the ciliary muscle and astigmatism, even though I'm often less than entirely comfortable hypothesizing unnecessarily on this topic.  Pointing out my approach yielded some interesting comments.Here's my original post/reply:I don’t have the drive with my favorite studies with me now, but if you look on Google [...]

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Pro Topic: Astigmatism Correction Changes

What follows is neither medical advice (heh, as if), or "prescription" advice, or anything otherwise mainstream sanctioned or licensed.  As usual, we're discussing actual biological realities of a 16th century (simply focal plane changing) invention.Don't monkey with lenses unless you understand them, don't drive without adequate correction, consult a friendly optometrist.So much gold in the forum, we have to bring some of it to the blog, at least sometimes.  I highly recommend browsing (if you have access), you'll find brilliant students [...]

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Astigmatism Correction Greatly Exaggerated: Why We Love Test Lens Kits

Test lens kits.  Three little words that get Jakey all kinds of riled up!I always say that most of modern retail optometry has zero to do with medicine.  Look at any optic shop in any mall, and tell me that you expect to get medical advice in there, while looking through their shop window.  Rows of fancy glasses, models sitting on the beach, two-for-one offers, sales pitches everywhere.Come on, what a sham, the whole thing.16th century invention, not by doctors, [...]