Astigmatism reduced dramatically.  Myopia reduced as well.  And all of it, optometrist confirmed.

Yes, it’s that time again.  Time to strut the stuff.  Show off the gains.  Preen prodigiously on behalf of darling readers and practice-ers of  the guru’s methods for all the 20/20 gains.

We’ll keep this one short and partially rant-free.  Note below Aza’s percentage spherical reduction is actually quite excellent, as well as a lot less astigmatism.  That latter one is nice since it’ll be much easier to start enjoying natural eyesight without the need for that  directional focal plane correction.

Here’s Aza in the BackTo20/20 support forum:

Not so ‘incurable’ now, is it.

Some critics like point out snidely that Guru VanJakey is not even a doctor.

To which a smart individual responds with, yes fortunately not.  Since so far not a lot of so-called doctors have done anything at all about reducing anyone’s myopia.  Looking to mainstream optometry to help you regain your eyesight at this point is a bit like voting for Kim Jong Un to be your next president.

Let’s not make those kind of jokes though.  Because if not yikes, reading what various presidents of significant nations post these days on Twitter makes you realize that myopia could be the least of humanity’s problems.

Make those 20/20 gains …. there might not be any optic shops left after the nuclear apocalypse.

(I kid, darlings!  It’ll all be fine, surely.)