Does your child have … *gasp*, astigmatism?

Let me give you the sagely holy eye guru analysis, right through this here computer screen.  Give it just a moment for the mystical guru powers to reach through your router, through your computer, through your screen.  

Wait for it.

Waaaiiiit for it.


Wow.  That was just amazing, wasn’t it?

Of course astigmatism exists.  It’s just that astigmatism is so exceedingly rare that you’re more likely to win the lottery than actually have astigmatism (didn’t run the statistics, though odds shouldn’t be all that different).  So no, you don’t have astigmatism.  Neither does your child.

But hold on a moment.

Maybe you do.

Lens Induced Astigmatism

The correct statement would be that you didn’t start out with astigmatism.  Not till some lens seller got their hands on you and dialed up the diopters, asking you that super stupid “is it better, this way, or this way” question, and one of the times they added cylinder (astigmatism correction), and you didn’t squeal out in angst, and so that meant to them that you have astigmatism.

Yes, it’s some high tech genius level of doctoring, determining astigmatism.   It almost hurts to type, the level of inane stupid.

So if you got cylinder correction, and then some more and then some more yet, eventually you will have astigmatism,  It’s just that it’s lens-induced, and with that, reversible.

Here’s an interesting post from today in the BackTo20/20 support forum:

So, yea.

Endmyopia students reverse their astigmatism, plenty of these accounts all over the blog.

As you likely know well by now, the whole entire business of vision improvement via permanent lens sales is a massive farce.  Astigmatism is just one more way to make it all seem professional and complicated, and make you more dependent on glasses to see the world around you.

Farcial farce-faces.  Go forth, get rid of your myopia (and astigmatism).