File this one under “just with the free guides“.  

This is a great story (and potential motivation).  Starting at -3.50 and -2.50 astigmatism correction (yikes, the latter part), Marie makes it all the way down to just -1.75/-2.25 spherical.  Best part, zero cylinder (astigmatism) is left, from the initial -2.50.  That’s a truly huge improvement, from high astigmatism to zero astigmatism.

Here is Marie’s e-mail:



That’s how you go to heaven – sending Jake e-mail progress updates.

And in case you’re wondering because you recognize that first sentence from Marie’s e-mail … yes, Jakey did nuke most of the e-mail list.  The consultant said “clean” the list, and it seems I either pushed too few or too many buttons.  Basically if you didn’t actually open my last e-mail, you’re no longer getting e-mails from me now, at all (and the option to stay subscribed didn’t work, because oops).

Anyhow.  Marie.  Marie figured it out.  No more astigmatism, and well reducing myopia.  

It’s just like I keep saying, you don’t have to spend money on endmyopia, to fix your eyes.  You can buy forum access and Jake-time-access and a structured approach, but if you just want the tools, the tools are free.  Because as we all know by now, one eye guru is secretly a huge hippie.  ;)