The Astigmatism Repair, Melange

The spice, MELANGE. Have some of that, dear kittehz.

Jake Steiner

Sep 20,2020 · 1 min read

Things have been getting way too clear, on-the-nose, easy to follow, even shall we say … clinical?

It’s high time we add a bit more obfuscation, subtle subterfuge, undercurrents of humor, and plz-bro obscuring features to the regular proceedings.

Or something.

Here’s a bit of a digression on astigmatism, wanting things the quick way, and the ever outdated notion of taking the time to learn stuff:

For whatever that’s worth.

Also and unrelated, haven’t shared any of the many, many … MANY e-mail improvement updates here lately.

Shame.  I’m lazy, hogging all the gains reports.

But here’s one anyway:

See?  That’s how.

If you want more detailed updates, lately they exist in form of podcast-ish things, over in The Shortsighted Podcast.

Go make some 20/20 gains.


-Jakey Vandersteen The Therd


Jake Steiner

Reformed stock trader. Kite surfer, pilot, vagabond. Father. And of course - the last of the living, imaginarily bearded eye gurus.

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