Here’s a great improvement report for you, from our darling Facebook group.

You might like this one since it’s a) optometrist confirmed, b) has diopter equalization (left and right eye same diopters), c) includes more than a full diopter of reduction, and d) even has reduced astigmatism.  All this in a span of a very short 7 months.

Not bad at all for seven months start, and an “incurable genetic condition”.

Here’s the full post:

Win on every front.

Myopia is a funny animal, with all of its implicit ironies.

Some will proclaim, snortingly and righteously, that Jake’s only in it for the money.  Others will try to find ways all of these hundreds and hundreds of reports going back years and years could have been faked (like the moon landing, yea!).  And yet others want to debate the science and cast doubt on various studies, and insist that glasses aren’t a problem.

That is myopia, really.  Shortsighted, in the sense that really is hard to fix.

You have to want a better life.  Better vision.  Goals of what to do when you can see clearly, far away, without plastic pieces stuck in front of your eyes.  You have to take a step back, evaluate the potential of Internet unicorn farming here (be skeptical, that’s healthy).  Realize what’s bias and fear, the little voice in your head that goes, no Joe, you love your computer games too much.  Glasses are just fine, Joe.  And then put all that aside, watch some kitesurfing videos and imagine a you that doesn’t need those stupid glasses, and the stupid profession that insists that you’re somehow forever broken.

You’re not broken!