Is astigmatism real, Jakey?  Can I reverse my astigmatism, Jake?  Can I?  Can I, though????????

This, a question that’s one of the many recurring themes in an old guru’s inbox.  Nevermind that there’s an entire separate category here just on astigmatism or the countless improvement reports discussing astigmatism reversal.

Because honestly, reading.  What a bore.

A beard shrugged.

None of this applies to you because you’re fully old school, reading written words and whatnot.  You even put up with all the rants and digressions here (and maybe our Youtube channel, too).  Surely all  this would be formatted far more succinctly and consumably if ole Jakey was a savvy Internet marketer or more preoccupied selling every lazy halfwit some ebook or viral marketing Instagram fame social media masterclass.

But no such luck here, kittehs.  Since an old guru is too far gone for fame or riches, all  you get here is rants and rambles and it’s up to you to find the gold nuggets.

Which, looks like Amanda did:

Astigmatism, another dumb idea by retail lens  sellers.

Sure, astigmatism exists.

It’s just like a whole bunch of other rare and esoteric conditions.  Conditions that you probably don’t have either.  

At least not till the lens seller creates it for you, via lens induced astigmatism (and myopia).

So, you know.  Trust those guys if you want to.  If the two-for-one lens sales aren’t a red flag, or the fact that their treatment means you’ll need more of their treatment next year, or that they sell a bunch of fashion brands, or just in  general that most of them are in shopping malls next to clothing stores and ice cream parlors …  hey, by all  means.  “Medical”, seems legit.  That’s why you see so many hospitals in malls.

If  you don’t want astigmatism, maybe get rid of  it.  In smaller steps than Amanda if you take my suggestions, but either way.   Unless you have some super rare medical condition, it’s all very possibly just your eyes adapting to focal plane changes.