Let’s have another gains update today.


This one in particular, since it includes a huge drop in cylinder, which really makes it easier to reduce your lens dependence.  It’s one thing to take off glasses and just have a closer blur horizon, but a whole different to take off the glasses and get a bunch of directional blur (double vision, ghosting).

Here we go, Shipley’s update:

Way to go.

Note of course, as always:  Don’t monkey with diopters, unless you know what you’re doing.

Part of an old guru’s beast of e-mail burden is the neverending onslaught of plzz-bros who spend four minutes reading anything, realize it’ll take actual effort to educate themselves, and instead try to find whatever shortcut they hope to gleam from reading five post headlines.

Or just e-mail ye old guru, going plzzzzzz jack help me plzz.

Try to not do that.  Yes, there’s a whole entire section here on just astigmatism.  And one on diopters.  And one how-to guides.   And on, and on.  Well over a decade and thousands of people’s of collected experience, cataloged here.  And sure every so often an old imaginarily bearded sage does think about putting it all behind a giant paywall and spending money on ads and PR rather than giving stuff away for free.  Making bank off endmyopia, buying some stripers some da cocaaaaine.

Hey, don’t judge. 

If you’ve never tried to run a project on this scale with the hippie-esque intention of helping your fellow humanity, then … just ideally don’t do it.  You’ll find yourself pretty disappointed with 90% of the resulting dialog.

Plzzz Jack, help me plzzz.  What my diopsterz.   

Jake.  Does this really work?  DOES IT?!!?!  ANSWER ME RIGHT NOW.

Bro.  Give me free.  Why you charge money.  You only care about money.  You suck.

Does this method work for presbyopia?  Floaters?  Toe fungus?

But then there’s Shipley, who just takes the free content and runs with it.  Makes all the gains, and even takes the time to write and share progress.  Which kind of makes it all worth it.  Some people are just awesome and give them a little bit of the right tools and they’ll go improve their lives in all kinds of ways.

Motivation for all of us, inspiration, having others succeed.  And share stories.  Results.  New experiences.

And I’ll continue to post progress updates here, so whenever you feel uncertain or unmotivated or lazy or ready to just eat pizza and stare at screens all weekend … you’ll know where to turn for a little bit of inspiration.  Organize a hike, get outside, find new hobbies, meet up with friends, practice using your eyeballs for something involving experiencing actual, real life.

Keep making dems 20/20 gainz!


-El Jaques