The plan for today was to tell you about a big glaucoma study in Singapore.  Interesting stuff, and it very seriously applies to high myopes and possibly will bring much earlier detection to a particularly insidious form of glaucoma.

Alas … that one will have to wait.

Something popped up in the forum today that I want to share with you, before it gets lost in other topics.  Boris describes the difference between astigmatic blur and myopic blur so perfectly, that we just have to have it for today’s blog post:


There we have it.

Directional blur, vs. “blurry blur”.  That’s a very excellent distinction, and one that may apply to you, especially if your astigmatism is more than a full diopter in each eye. 

There’s also a really interesting update from Roy in the forum.  He’s spent the last 16 weeks trying to stick to an equalized normalized prescription, his first one.  It’s not been going so well initially, and we weren’t sure if he was going to stick through it.   Today, Roy posted a detailed updated on his trials and tribulations, and a verdict.  If you’re a member, check it out in the forum (here), and if not, look for a blog post with a summary on this interesting milestone, probably tomorrow.