Ever hear of the anti-vaxxers?  Of course you have.

Just like the anti-vaccine contingent, there’s an anti-glasses fan club on the Internets.  Now I’m not here to judge anyone (or just everyone equally).  I can’t conclusively tell you whether some vaccines aren’t a brilliant idea.  But the conspiracy theory level of anti-vaccination talk, that’s a bit weird.

What’s also a bit weird, is the anti-glass-ers (as we’ll just call them for now).  There’s far less of them of course, and it’s not really as much of a click bait generating, divisive subject.  But they’re out there.

They’re just waiting to convince anyone who is willing to listen, that glasses are the devil.  And that’s no good.

In case you just stumbled on this article, and are wearing glasses, here’s the short version:

Don’t just stop wearing your glasses.  It’s a stupid idea.

We talk about this a lot, here, here, a whole Q&A on prescriptions here, and then there’s the whole prescriptions category here.

Since it just keeps coming up in e-mail questions, here’s a whole Q&A on the topic.  It’s mostly about the way glasses work (diopter bubble), definitely not covering all of the reasons not to wear glasses.  Maybe it should be called, Part 1.

So if you are wondering what lower prescriptions do, what I mean when I talk about the diopter bubble, watch this one:


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