CRISPR gene editing.  Aka. it’s obvious yikes time again, darlings.

If you’re not familiar, CRISPR is the latest buzz-word for gene editing and all of the Internet unicorn farming nonsense that brings out every last idiot on the Interwebz.  Yay.

And let’s get straight into how CRISPR relates to myopia, and myopia reversal and vision improvement.

First, we’ve got myopia.  Standard every day myopia.

And as we all know, myopia is a genetic condition, as we’re told reliably by retail optometry and their unbiased lens-sales minions (or if you prefer the pretend-medical and largely meaningless term, “optometrists”). 

So myopia is a genetic condition per lens sales drones, and it’s “incurable” by conventional methods.  No questions so far.

But.  And.  CRISPR.

CRISPR Gene Editing Myopia Deficiency Genes

We’ve got Zee, who after confronting her genetic deficient eyeballs, managed to reduce her myopia from -9.00 diopters to -5.00 diopters, WITHIN ONE YEAR.

Yes an e-mail screenshot IS evidence.  Shut up.

-9 down to -5.

That’s some full on superhero evil scientist levels of gene editing right durr, you’s thinking to you’s self.

Genes were edited.  Zee’s vision almost immediately improved significantly.

Hopefully you’re not that gullible.

Or Is Myopia Just A Simple Refractive State

Yes, Zee’s e-mail is real.  But no, it’s not because CRISPR gene editing Internet unicorn farming.

Obviously myopia responds to stimulus, obviously stimulus isn’t some incurable illness or genetic condition.  Myopia is just a d*mn refractive state, created by close-up and excess minus lens use and hyperopic defocus and lens-sales monkeys who do as they’re told to get people hooked on fake plastic focal planes for life.

But, CRISPR gene editing.  If that was the answer, you’d get the whole Internet abuzz in how the latest stupid buzzword is totally the magic answer to yet another “health”… “condition”.

Go blow a goat, retail optometry.  Zee is half way out of the lens addition you guys roped her into.

Go make some 20/20 gains, darlings.  And throw the word CRISPR around, just to confuse the sheeple along the way.  “CRISPR fixed my myopia, bro.”