Ahhhh crickbait.

Not really, though.  I do want you to get measurements from various perspectives.  Eye charts, centimeters, real outdoor landmarks …. and yes, from an optometrist, as well.

Though to be honest, I skipped optometrists for years myself, not having felt the patience for rudeness or arrogance.

But there are nice ones.  A supportive optometrist, a definite asset.

And then, whoever this guy is:

Double, triple yikes.

This isn’t news, or unusual either.  

In fact, this is the standard.  That’s why your darling bearded sage guru goes on all these rants:

And very credible thumbnails.

And if I’m not ranting, I will at least tell you to get a second opinion:

More sedate, but same premise.  

And while we’re on the subject, there’s also this recent video, discussing buying online vs local:

Is it just me or is it getting beardly in here?

And while we’re also, also at it, a quick one on getting local “exams” from optometrists:

Or just the thumbnail.  Because that’s my point in this one.

You may notice that we’ve been trending more towards videos, lately.

It’s probably because an old dude is tired of typing, and it turns out to be easier to ramble at a camera than to write complete sentences.  And in so many ways, there are so many hundreds of written posts here, Jakey might just feel like a change.

Handy also though that you can just listen to these, and not have to accumulate more screen time.  Win!

Hopefully useful.  Keep making those 20/20 gains!