Hello darlings!

Your favorite eye guru has been increasingly less completely on point of keep track of 20/20 gains updates posted by our kitteh gang.  

Every time I say there are more updates than I can post here, and every month it seems like the last time I said it was much fewer in comparison to the current moment.  More and more and moar gains updates are coming in, as the site and project continue to get more participants.


I’ve been particularly bad about keeping track of Facebook gains updates, only occasionally hitting the ‘save post’ button to eventually get around to posting the update here in the blog.  So if you head over to our Facebook group you’ll definitely find a whole lot more improvement updates than you will just here on the darling bloglet.

Let’s get a couple of the recent ones, though.  Like Felix:

Felix: -9.00 To -3.00 Diopters

Pretty good start.

Your sagely eye guru has a pretty standard response to people asking how fast they can improve their eyesight.  That said, you might get lucky and see even more gains than what’s already a pretty excellent statistic.  

And another one leaving higher myopia territory for almost 20/20:

Matt: From -5.00 To -1.00

Matt makes it into the list every so often, posting solid updates.

Fundamentals are key.  Don’t wing it.

All the details count.  Don’t learn the hard way, no need to reinvent the wheel.

Steven: Optometrist Confirmed -6.50 To -4.50

Another optometrist confirmed update:

Again, details matter.

And we’ll stop here for today.

You’ll find dozens more in our Facebook group usually at any given point.  There have also been quite a few in my e-mail but since I’ve been traveling a lot lately and otherwise quite busy, I haven’t been great about saving them to post here.

I’ll keep posting gains reviews and updates.  Most important is for you to add your  very own story, have your own successes shedding those plastic diopters, and make your own awesome 20/20 gains.