Today, an interesting progress update in our darling Facebook group.

This one goes a long way to make the point about when to reduce your diopters.  A divine and sacrilegious eye guru has been heard saying that 3-4 months is a good time frame to reduce, and generally by just 0.25 diopters.  

But that’s just an average number.

Rather than strictly going by numbers, you want to get to know your own eyes.  Eyes are part of the whole that is you-ness, and once you get away from the over correcting focal planes you’re ready to start becoming acquainted again with everything that is your own vision.

But before we get too philosophical, here is Michal’s actual update:


Above should help illustrate the idea of “just numbers” vs getting to know your eyes.

Sometimes it takes longer than the 3-4 months.  And sometimes the biology needs a nudge.  It all boils down to reducing strain and maximizing (without overdoing) stimulus.  It’s as much art as it is science, and a lot of the art part comes down to you and your sense of when you need to change.

And also, patience.  Be kind to your eyes!

Facebook group note:  The group continues growing quickly, and we continue having to do a fair amount of weeding to make sure that all members have a good experience.  If you notice posts of new participants who clearly haven’t taken the time to read and appreciate endmyopia before asking questions, do feel free to flag such posts.

We do remove those posts and posters pretty quickly and permanently.  The group is free as are all the resources here, and we do expect everyone to respect the temples by having done their homework (as most of everyone reading here definitely has – this one is largely a heads up for when you hear the hand wringing and complaining from beyond the fences).