Some days the Facebook group is a great place.

Days when new members post stories about their myopia journey, how their diopters kept increasing, and in many cases how the mainstream may just play the key role in creating these high diopter scenarios.

Even better, the scenarios where an interesting optometrist casts doubt on the whole premise of more and more (and more) diopters.

Here’s Alexandra:

The truth is out there, kittehs.

Of course as a regular reader here, you already know what’s up.

That makes it all the more fun to get these glimpses of regular people and their myopia, occasionally having their myopic life disrupted by a moment of truth.  Somebody who is supposed to just give them more glasses, saying “hey you know, this stuff really isn’t good for you”.  

Of course all real knowledge about myopia is locked away behind the arbitrary concept of “prescription”, which we previously discussed is at the very least a curious one.  Scare people, don’t have them go looking for the truth.  

The real key to endmyopia is you and all the readers and contributors adding to the big picture.

One lone coo-coo eye guru, or some Internet unicorn farmers, aren’t going to change people’s minds.  It takes a lot of us, so many stories, so many posts like Alexandra’s, so many myopia reduction progress reports, to where eventually the evidence, the volume of voices just becomes too significant to ignore.

Because until then it’s all profit and not giving a f**k about people suffering because of it.

What Marie Antoinette actually said.

Remember to continue sharing your own experiences about your eyeball journey.

And keep making more of all the 20/20 gains!  :)