Does that title sound like there’s a rant coming on?

Oh, kittehs.  I’ll try to just shut up and let the eye doctors do the talking for all of us.  Because as we know, doctor knows best:


Ok, don’t mind us, scratching our heads a bit.

“Wearing glasses, unlike to contribute anything significant.”  That’s classic, really.  

Unrelated and real quick, if you go to Google Scholar and search “lens induced myopia“, how many results do you think come up?  (47,800 for me).  That confirms the good doctor’s opinion, nobody seems to think glasses and myopia are correlated, not even worth looking there for any “good studies”.  

“Various factors like genetics ..” – that’s where the good studies probably are, genetics being the cause of myopia.  Myopia, the genetic illness.  Which is of course is why humanity has suffered from myopia for thousands of years, our genome has failed to develop our eyes properly.  It’s not glasses, kittehs, it’s your [email protected]#$#d up genes.  Now how about that two-for-one lens promo?

All right, so no rant after all.  Everything is totally cool.  If you have more myopia questions, above Singapore eye doctor is your man.  



Hey, wait.  What’s the myopia incident rate in Singapore, among young people?  70% in college graduates in 2001 and 80% in the military?  Mmmhm, mmhm.  Yea, seems ok.  Oh wait, over 80% in 2010?  Well.  Flawed genes, right?  All right, do go see those Singaporean eye doctors for myopia advice.  


Is Singapore going to make it to #1 higest myopia country?