Oh, kittehs.  Let’s just come to terms with one thing:  It’ll never, ever end, the “Jake-why-not-Bates” questions.

Bates fans often think I’m just a disagreeable asshole (which is accurate of course).  I’m opposed to it though at the peril of my own popularity or potential for making all that Bates money.  I’m NOT opposed to it for your own disadvantage.

I leave out the palming and sunning, because I don’t believe it’s an effective use of time.  See my comments here:



So by all means, take the Jake-cake, and modify the recipe to your own heart’s content.

Love sunning?  Makes you happy?  Feel it further helps your eyeballs?  Then by all means, do it.  There’s going to be no Moses storming down the mountain moment, hair angrily disheveled, sandals dustily aflutter, chastising you for false idols and all the things.  

As long as you’re not getting confused what’s eye guru method and what isn’t, it’s all good.