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Marie-Claire writes in the forum: UpdateClose up:I reordered the differentials with AR this time, what a difference! No more glare fatigue.  I take walk-around breaks every hour, and look away from the computer screen whenever […]

Jake Steiner

Mar 27,2016 · 4 min read

Marie-Claire writes in the forum:

Close up:
I reordered the differentials with AR this time, what a difference! No more glare fatigue. 

I take walk-around breaks every hour, and look away from the computer screen whenever I can. Get up and stretch, look as far as possible over the other cubicles to engage distance vision. Use the half-hour lunch to walk outside. 

The close-up saga continues. By afternoon, the edge of blur seems to be a source of strain rather than a challenge, and the body compensates by decreasing distance to screen. By the time I realize this is happening, I’ve been in close-up long enough to have eye strain. So, still working on this. 

My new normalized arrived!! This is not my first normalized, so I debated about doing the morning-of-blur before putting them on. What was the point? But I went along with the lesson plan, and glad I did. My old normalized, there was never a great feeling about wearing them. The lack of clarity was just annoying. But this new pair, when I finally put them on after several hours of “what-a-pain-in-the-butt-not-to-see-clearly”, it was a huge relief. And now whenever I put them on, there is a positive feeling of anticipation. 

I did lesson 38 (30 minute walk with no glasses, then differentials, then normalized) on the same day in the afternoon, and it really cemented my appreciation of the new normalized, and unexpectedly, of the differentials as well.

Pareto principle.  I’m often obsessed with this concept.

What are we doing that is just a waste of time?  Where can I tweak just a little bit, shave off a gram of weight, gain an extra 15 seconds, pay a few points less taxes?  I’ve been fairly successful in my finance niche, because I pay attention to the details, where others may cut corners.

And I know I tell you this a lot.  BackTo20/20, every single word in there is worth heeding.  Nothing in there is left to chance, and everything has been analyzed, tested, tweaked, and gone over more times than I care to remember.

The program is for the type of person who doesn’t want to waste one iota of their time, doing some pointless exercise, or reading meaningless unicorn-pony hippie fluff talk.

So when I suggest AR coating, it’s not just a superfluous side note.  It’s because I’ve tried both, and I’ve had dozens of students try both, and compared results.  Obsessive, yes.  And things like not wearing a higher prescription before going to new normalized or differential, that’s actually a really big subject, something that was one of the many small breakthroughs I discovered to make a notable difference in your progress.  

Part of the problem sometimes is that since the sessions are so short and to the point, and we’re used to fluff as part of life, that we might skip a few of the details.

But there are no details in BackTo20/20, to skip!  :)

We don’t mess with your distance prescription for the first month, because I’ve found that to be counterproductive.  We deal with centimeter and strain reduction first, because that’s what affects your vision the most.  We don’t do single eye work for the first few months, because it will not benefit you.  We don’t do eye exercises, because you’ll stop doing those after the excitement wears off.  If a Walmart beach cruiser bike is buying lower diopter lenses and pushing focus, then BackTo20/20 is the custom built carbon fiber race bike.  Both will go places, but you’re not buying the carbon bike to use twice a year to ride a mile to the beach.  

Marie-Claire did a great job illustrating that point.  And maybe I bring this up too often, but only because this does keep happening, and I don’t want you to have to learn this all over, and waste precious, high-motivation time.  

If you’re doing the free blog, there isn’t all that obsessive attention to detail, and no step-by-step approach.  It works great if you have lots of time, want to tinker, and don’t want really specific, guided advice.  But if you’re spending money to streamline, to optimize, to maximize, then you’ll get the most from it by looking at every single session suggestion as integral part to the larger puzzle (of getting your eyes back).

Housekeeping:  Apologies if today wasn’t all fun and games, and fake optotroll drama amusement).  There is the video edit of me grumbling about chain store sales clowns over on Youtube, if you came for entertainment today, rather than a lecture.  ;)  Here:


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