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Today, a BackTo20/20 update post (along with the latest Youtube upload for blog-only participants).   You know what’s not been getting as much love as it definitely should be? BackTo20/20.  Missing the love.  The functional core […]

Jake Steiner

May 23,2016 · 4 min read

Today, a BackTo20/20 update post (along with the latest Youtube upload for blog-only participants).  

You know what’s not been getting as much love as it definitely should be?

BackTo20/20.  Missing the love.  The functional core that holds this whole site together, a wee bit neglected.  The cutting edge, structured, experimental process to naturally improve your eyesight, something not being done anywhere else, getting the scraps of Jake-attention.  A global myopia epidemic, and this being the only true incubator for a meaningful solution that’s non-surgical, non-“medical” treatment, stuck with an hour a day of guru-time.  

Important note:  If you want to get started improving your own eyesight, I offer a number of courses, including options for one-on-one support with me personally.  Check out the courses page for what’s currently available to help your eyeballs.

And the program is awesome-sauce, no doubt.  Even without better daily watering.  But it’s also been lagging behind, in net hours spent on improvements.  Yes we are getting the logging tool working, and yes I’m in the forum every day, and yes it’s still the awesome 20/20 gains enabler.

But heres some of what bugs me:  90% of the sessions are still text-only.  I want audio sessions (so you can just listen), and video sessions, to cover some of the other pieces relevant to each session.  

Jakey’s got high standards for what your experience should be.

I feel that some of that’s been relegated to the back burner, possibly (as I’m realizing lately) because I’m giving in to Internet nagging and pressure.  Daily, and I really mean daily, I get idiot (apologies, but the term really is apropos) comments from social media, Youtube, and e-mail.  “Why do I have to read e-mails, Jake?”  “Why don’t you have a free e-book, Jake?”  “My eye doctor says you’re full of shit, Jake!”  “I’ll pay you later, if it works, Jake!”  “Give me free forum access, Jake!”  “What prescription do I need, Jake?  Plus or minus?”  “You are capitalist swine, Jake, we’s wants the free things!”

Here just now, as I’m writing this post, a Youtube comment:


What is the purpose, indeed.

Daily blog posts.  Finding interesting studies.  Reposting detailed student stories from the forum.  Making videos.  I wonder how much of it is just so I won’t possibly feel like the freeloading complainers could have a point.  More of the time should go towards the tools and participants who actually make this site possible!

Anyway.  Just like it’s meant to illustrate the point, another free video today:


As always, thumbs it up, subscribe to the channel.  A little poke of motivation as you browse your Youtube in the evening and get the occasional video update from me.

But also, finally, I’m putting more of the @endmyopia time towards those who deserve it most: BackTo20/20 and our students.  Besides being the ones who really support this site, that’s also where we get most of the constructive feedback that helps improve the @endmyopia (Steiner) method for natural myopia reversal.  Students use and improve the structured method, and that in turn trickles down to the blog to various degrees.   

When you check your BackTo20/20 member dashboard, there’s the news section:


Right now we almost have all the session groups updated, with the latest tweaks to the sessions.  Once that is complete, we’ll update the advanced 52 weekly sessions (past the 60 sessions of the core program) so they’ll show correctly for all participants.  All the things that are too pro-topic for the blog will be in those 52 sessions, including some of my more experimental and daring experiments.  Excited to share that with you, soon!

And of course, finally, finally, new video and audio sessions.  Right now they’re still just available for some of the sessions (with more attention on filling in more of them, finally now).  

Audio is straight from the video, so if you prefer to just listen and not use screen time, that option is handy.  The video part of the sessions is not strictly the same as the text version of the session, but additional concepts, and things to keep in mind as you go through the session.  The goal being to keep the sessions as simple and to the point as possible (20 minute is the target, for each session), video also is usually well below 10 minutes.  

We’ll keep all that in BackTo20/20, since it’s a structured approach.  With the blog it’s strictly DIY, and those who can’t figure it out can’t blame me for not being able to put it together.  But BackTo20/20 is “already assembled”, I feel I have to support that (via the forum), so I don’t get any “this doesn’t work” reviews.  It always works, sometimes a little support is necessary.

That’s it, for the update.  Thanks to everybody for sticking with it, putting up with the various bugs and feature-lag, hopefully you’ll enjoy the new things finally coming now!




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