Rachel’s Update: Optometrist Excited!

Have you ever heard of an optometrist getting excited about measuring clients improving eyesight?  

It’s a rare thing, for sure.  Read on!

I had planned to get through some of the usual backlog of improvement stories today, get some motivating and great first hand accounts posted here for you.

It’s not to be though, at least for today.  Because something else came along.

Also an improvement story of course (as most are), but this one with a particularly heart warming twist.  Since I’ve spoiled the surprise enough already, I’ll just let you read the whole story in Rachel’s own words:

So, so great.

Can you even imagine!  (full thread here)

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You go to your optometrist and he or she gets excited about measuring reductions in your myopia?  Now it’s true that we live in a weird alternate universe where doctors and so-called medical professionals want to hear nothing, see nothing, measure nothing to do with improving eyesight.  That’s a fact that you can probably attest to, if you ever tried to talk to an optometrist about improving your vision.

But … there are the wise and curious and open minded ones out there.  If you find one, treasure their awesomeness!



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Rachel’s Update: Optometrist Excited!
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