70% Better Eyesight In 18 Months? (-5.25 To -1.50)

So here is what you will do, but only actually half of it, and then fail.

Aug 07,2021 · 2 min read

Finally had another Shortsighted Podcast episode.

Going for shorter ones, more easily fitting into everyone’s otherwise idle online content consuming habits.  

And before you get entirely excited about the shortcut, note that much more likely you get about a diopter a year, and better habits, and better recreational lifestyle choices.  Faster, easier, quicker, not entirely the point and ultimate benefit of untangling your eyes from the diopter webs.

As usually, most people won’t listen.  Except to the parts they want to hear, which are also all in here:

Here all platforms we’re available on for podcast stuff: https://endmyopia.org/shortsighted-podcast/

Lots to unpack in this one, a huge amount of progress in a short period of time.

Invariably posting these experiences are not a great idea since they lead to all sorts of undue reductions by newbies with screen addictions and no outdoor hobbies. And then later it being piles of annoyed e-mails to me about double vision and how it all didn’t work.

Oh well. They’ll do it anyway.

At least that’ll teach them what happens when you take advice from a clearly dubious eye guru self-proclaimed character on the Internet.

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