Vision improvement is a fringey topic.

The sort of Internet health thing littered with all the unicorn pony farming and feeding on your hope and trust to sell you magic herb vitamins and secret-handshake eye exercises.  

Which, some people live for that stuff.  Vague symptoms and magic weed cures.  

As much fun as that might be, our goal here is to get you all the 20/20 gains.  I don’t waste your time on the esoteric nuances of the self help hamster wheel and cult-esque indoctrinations with unverifiable grandiose claims and questionable “natural medicine chiropractic” doctor titles.

You’re thinking, catch yourself Jake.  Don’t go on a rant now.  

Let’s look at good news, 20/20 gains, improving eyesight.  A great video progress update by Angie, including all sorts of centimeter numbers and useful charts and all around watchable-ness:

You wish that was the face of all endmyopia videos.

That’s fantastic progress.

Also not sponsored or influenced by yours truly (as you probably may have guessed by the Bates endorsement).  

While You’re Here:  If you’ve never tried to make a video, have a little experiment for yourself.  Point a desk lamp in your direction (good light is key).  Hit record on your smartphone.  It’ll be a revelation (of course Angie’s work is much more than that).  Good lighting and interesting story, you’ll be surprised at the outcome.  Make one for yourself (even if you don’t plan to upload it).

Try the video thing.  And contemplate the value of sharing your story.  You might inspire others!