Best Screen For Your Eyes?

What's the best (healthiest) screen for your eyesight? The true answer to this, not found in most "blue light filter" and magical unicorn properties marketing fluff.

Jake Steiner

Apr 25,2020 · 1 min read

Which screen is best screen?

Today, a quick video to help you figure out ideal screen choices for your eyeballs.  

Spoiler alert: Firs thing is, size.  The smaller the screen, the closer you’ll get to it, the more ciliary spasm you get, the less your eyes will be happy.  Second, hand held screens are usually going to be a bit closer than ideal.  

Best thing to do is to move content consumption away from smartphones.  

Past that, however fancy you want to get with display technology is up to you.  Just realize that there’s no such thing as “healthy” screens.

The face of beardly wisdoms.

I hope you’re enjoying these, even though they are a bit few and far between lately.

Keep them eyes happy!


-Jake VonderJakensteen


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