It’s time again to highlight a few of the many gainzzz reports in the guru inbox.

Realize that there are hundreds of these at any given time and while your favorite darling guru reads every single one, posting all of them isn’t always possible.  I honestly want to since it’s like a big fat middle finger to the retail optometry establishment.  But then you may get annoyed at some point scrolling through endless improvement reports all day long.

So the ones I usually post are some of my favorites, plus they serve well to make the point.

Of course I’m not in any way suggesting that you take control of your own refractive state.  

Measuring your eyesight is a dangerous affair and you don’t necessarily want to open up that rabbit hole.  Not like the guys and gals you’re about to hear from:

Faustine:  -2.50 Down To (Almost) 20/20

Getting a life.  Novel!

Of course there’s more to regaining your visual freedom, than just no glasses.

But that’s up to you to decide what to do with.  I can help you open the cage, whether you decide to fly out of it is entirely your call.

Maeta: -2.00 Down To -1.25

Gains as far as the eye can see.

Improvement reports are an eye guru’s favorite topic.

Consider yet again how they (almost) literally keep you blind, to keep you spending money on their crutches.  

I’d honestly probably just snicker and not care about the depravity of the whole retail optometry scam.  But then it also happened to me, affected a large part of my youth and adulthood, and I’m still a little salty about it all.  So f*ck them and we’ll keep posting proof that the lens scam is just that – a scam.

Stephanie: -2.75 Down To -2.00

Like I said ….

Also yes there are plenty of individual supportive optometrists.

I’m not knocking Joe Optometrist who might be a nice guy.  In fact more often than not, people are perfectly nice and kind.  Individual people.  But the establishment is a rotten affair and the pseudoscience mumbo jumbo “genetic illness” thing is beyond ridiculous.  Think about it – you’re supposed to live your life in blur just so they can make money?

Yes, one day you’ll see a footnote in the news of how an eye guru slipped and fell and somehow cut his own head off in the process and landed in a ditch and oops.

If you read this, henchmen of Luxottica, congrats on the 49 Billion dollar merger last year, and your favorite eye guru is a corporate shareholder and supporter.  Nobody cares about a guru’s rantings on this wee blog and people will keep buying glasses.  Please don’t cut my head off.

Christophe: -3.25 To (Almost) 20/20

That’s from around -3.25 to about under a single diopter.

Perfectly nice people work at McDonalds.

Nice people work in the corporate marketing department.  Nice shop owners sell cigarettes.  Nice pharmacists fill amphetamine prescriptions for your children.  Nice people write code that sells all your private details from Facebook and nice people build AI’s for military drones.

People are good people.  Good and also dumb and shortsighted and having to make a living.

Wether that’s a living off you being a dork behind glasses, that’s up to you.