Close-up eyesight strain awareness is a game changer.

It’s meaningless till you experience it first hand. And once you do, you’re far less likely to go back to unaware bad habits of endless screen staring.

It’s all the pretty simple but key steps towards removing yourself from the vicious circle of lens subscriptions.

Below, part of a support forum post in BackTo20/20, discussing the revelation of taking breaks and effects on eyesight.  Quite awesome to have these experience first hand, realizing how much your habits really affect your eyesight.

Check out that centimeter chart too, visual telling the story of experience gained.

(Post from BackTo20/20 forum where I answer case-specific questions daily.

Remember, you can’t leverage stimulus to reduce myopia, till the ciliary spasm is dealt with.  So the more of your distance time needs to be dedicated to ciliary spasm removal, the less is left to work on actual gains.

It takes time and patience and usually slow ongoing lifestyle tweaks to get a great balance there.  It’s no eyesight crash diet, but rather ongoing learning and improving, and also reviewing your general life habits.

Enjoy the journey.  Be good to your eyes.  Make some 20/20 gains!