As you may know, your favorite old timey eye guru, uncle VanderJakenhausen Le Third, lives in an off-grid jungle.

You know where my phone is right now?

Right.  I don’t either.  Somewhere in the house.  Maybe near the charger.  I do use it to tether to tenuous 3G Internet to make you these posts and videos, so it’s definitely on and definitely probably somewhere.  

Where it’s for sure not though, is in my pocket.

It’s nearly never in my pocket.  It’s in a bag nearby, or in the car, or in the motorbike.  You want to consciously be keeping that thing as far away from your idle, fidgeting, distracted hands as possible.  At all times.  Last thing you want is to unconsciously reach for it, thumb at it, stare at that screen.

Because that thing, besides being an addictive tool of the devil himself (or just corporate greed anyway), also will (might) kill your gains. 

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On the flip-side, what won’t kill your gains, is new, better hobbies, and ways to spend your life that’ll give you plenty of great memories and stories to tell and experiences to cherish.

Check this out, -5.50 to -1.75 all within one year:

Rest of this update, in the BackTo20/20 support forum.

You can do this.  You mostly just need a reason to.

Go out there and make all those 20/20 gains.