It’s been a minute since we looked at e-mail improvement stories.  

And they’re piling up.

Let’s look at Jane today, who says she’s been enjoying the stories here on the blog.  That and also your Facebook musings, and even the shrouded-in-mystery and subject of enduring legends that is the BackTo20/20 program.  It warms your darling eye guru’s little heart, to share success stories with you!

Here we go:


Lovely, yes?

That’s a full diopter signed off, and heading straight out of high myopia territory.

I’ve been focusing mostly on Facebook posted stories, since they’re less likely to make casual readers wonder about authenticity.  Anyone who appears even remotely savory and doesn’t break the 3 rules of the group can stop over there, and ‘meet’ the author of the posts we discuss here.

But then we do get quite a few of these via e-mail as well, and I do want to include everyone!

That’s it.  Hopefully you’re busy making all those 20/20 gains.  ;)