Uncle Jakey’s been getting a wee bit bored, lately.

The hate and snippy comments from optometry professionals have long stopped.  Not ah-one of them is stepping up to let out some rant questioning divinity and the existence of eyeguru-ashrams on misty mountain tops.

Come on.  there used to be at least a few of those e-mails, most days!

Most of my motivation has been coming from adversity.  If it’s not about trolling the mainstream or schooling some lens-selling drone monkey or demonstrating the power of clinical science over trite nonsense and imagined “illnesses” to “treat”, then I really don’t have the full motivation to fire up the blog.

Yes, how-to guides.  Yes, videos.  Yes, improvement reports.

The inbox is full of improvement reports.  Facebook is full of improvement reports.  Even the reviews are full of improvement reports now.  Everywhere you look it’s 20/20 gains and happy kittehs.

Like John:

Life changing.

I’m loving the positivity.  And the results.

And for sure I’d rather not be always fighting or stirring up negative emotions.


Ok fine, let’s try to enjoy it.  I’m also adding new darlings to our secret Le Meow community, so you may want to scour your inbox for an e-mail elucidating details on how to find the portal to the inter-dimensional guru mountain.