Time for a quick improvement update post.

We’ve been doing mostly updates from our enormously popular, biggest ever, incredibly meow-rific Facebook group.  Probably Facebook updates because an old guru is filled with personal insecurities and highly susceptible to external criticism, and I used to really cringe whenever somebody would claim that I’d make up the e-mailed improvement reports.

Yea I know, those trolls were years ago.  But there’s a point in there somewhere.  The Internet is full of treachery and fake-itude.

So Facebook, slightly less biased and more easily verified actual gains reports from actual darling members.  Tons of those posted already!  But then we also continue to evolve our community efforts, and now also have the properly really actually private forum.  Which is many members favorite for not being a social media trap, and not existing per the whims of some giant corporation’s potential censorship control.  Add to that no ads and no siphoning off your every move in the process, and it’s easy to see why even after this short time we’re at almost a thousand members there.

To celebrate the increasingly engaging discussions in the forum, here’s one of the improvement reports recently posted in Le Meow:

Many mediums, same (awesome) stories.

Good stuff, yea?

Of course you can request access to the forum by finding the link to join.  The Facebook group is useful since it does have a pretty wide members base and is likely already in front of you anyway.  But if you like to get away from social media creepiness, Le Meow might be your kind of place!

Keep making (and posting) your 20/20 gains.