Initial gains!

Important to note as you read this, that initial gains are usually 1) reducing over-correction from the optometrist and 2) reducing ciliary muscle spasm.  It’s not the magic part of getting all the way back to 20/20, but it’s a great start.

Here’s Katarina:

Beginner gains.

It’s great for motivation!

Of course you can get beginner gains from doing all kinds of things.  There are a million ways to reduce ciliary muscle spasm, and it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out how to deal with over-corrected lenses.

Things get most fun once you’re past this stage and are making solid inroads into all the remaining diopters.  That’s where our guru-esque method differs from Bates and exercise nonsense, giving you consistent improvement through the entire diopter journey.

Post those updates, share your improvements, spread the word!  Myopia, entirely optional.