How do you get from a -4.00 diopter correction down to -3.00 without even thinking about it?  Is that wishful thinking, or did Kim just do exactly that?  

You keep hearing me saying this:  Habits kitteh, are key to all the 20/20 gains.

Not eye exercises.  Forget about exercises.  Life gets in the way.  You’ve got things to do.  Sure maybe you’re the super motivated type and you can do an hour a day eye exercise regimen for the next four years.  Maybe.  But why even consider going through all that?

Let habits do the work for you.  Let the VanderJakenhausen get you on the right 20/20 habits, and get on with life.

Here’s Kim, experiencing the power of 20/20 habits:

That’s how it’s done.

You’re getting your vision improvement insights from the most distracted, most shortened attention span, least exercise inclined (some might even say, lazy) eye guru who has ever lived.  This isn’t Drill Sergeant Steiner, sir yes sir.  This is chill time calling you kitteh, just-Jake.  This Jake tells you, harness your initial enthusiasm to learn why and how things work, test and measure how effectively they improve your vision, and then build 20/20 habits around exactly those things.  

I posted Kim’s progress in our Facebook group, helpful perspective on Kim’s total 20/20 gains so far:

That’s impressive by any standard.

Once you’re on track making reliable improvements, fully validated that you’re on the right track, then sometimes you can just let habits take over.  And just like Kim you’ll still be improving even when you’re not always paying full attention to your eyes.