Quick one today, have to post this great update for you before I lose track of it.

This one from Laurens, via the BackTo20/20 forum:

Hi folks,

So today I’m three months underway since I got that first email from Jake in my in-box.

A lot has happened since then. I started at -3.75 full correction for both eyes. Right now I’m down to -1.5 normalized and full correction being around -2.0. I can see 20/40 easily with good lighting and with some active focus 20/30 is sometimes clear.

Without any correction everything is diploid and most of the blur has vanished. Active focus is enabling me to clear up text and sometimes even objects at a distance without any correction. My centimeters are steadily improving and I can feel that my eyes are regenerating themselves and that axial shortening is progressing.

I’ve reduced my normalized prescription about 6 times now. I feel proud every time I get to reduce it some more.

Going from -2 to -1.75 was particularly interesting because active focus kicked in immediately, making it a lot less uncomfortable than previous reductions.

I’m not sure why everything is moving forward so quickly, but I’m so thankful to Jake and his awesome program.

A couple of things that worked out quite well for me were:

– While driving clearing up as much license plates and street names as possible. Since the objects are moving it’s more challenging and it is great practice for your eyes.
– I do not consume any free or added sugar, see this post for some details. I consume very little alcohol and I eat a biologically grown carrot every day.
– I already practiced intermittent fasting. Usually I eat my dinner on Saturday and skip all food on Sunday. Just drinking water and plain coffee/tea during that day. Fasting puts our bodies into a maintenance/regenerative/recovery state. This state doesn’t happen as properly/thoroughly when our digestive system is active. Our body can only do so many things at once. So consider fasting to improve your health and your eyesight, see Jake’s great article on it here.
– I manage to practice mindfulness about 5 times a week (Jake’s suggestion yet again)
– I eat 8 different servings of fruit and veggies each day. 10 if you’d include olives and an avocado

What does not work well:

– Not going outside at all some days, you probably will notice that your eyes and visual cortex aren’t challenged properly and your results decline, luckily this is only temporary
– Not getting enough sleep. I had two nights with only 4 hours of sleep in them two weeks ago, it’s disastrous for your eyesight.

Looking at the lessons and the videos, Jake, you are the eye guru for sure, but you’re a great lifestyle guru as well. If people follow up on your advice they live so much better lives on all fronts. You are the best Jake, hands down!

I’ll post another update about 3 months from now, I’ll have visited the optometrist by then. I’m so looking forward to his measurements and reaction.

Laurens is of course correct on all fronts.

Eye guru, lifestyle guru, we might as well start an island retreat with drum circles and kitesurfing lessons and sunset chants on the guru temple grounds.  While I’m still alive and all that, get yourself some front row seats, darlings!  

(Perhaps luckily for everyone this particular Jake is too much of an introvert, not quite enough of a narcissist to start an awesome guru cult.)

Jest aside, Laurens does have a point.  If you were to truly root out the entire cause of your myopia, you’d probably end up living a real life truly entirely created by you.  Right now many of us, especially the youngins, are existing via Facebook feeds and Instagram, and various middle management ideas about time management and career goals.

The old guru used to chase the dollar too, living behind screens, using TV as evening reprieve from work.  How much getting rid of glasses had to do with going from that to now being a permanent world wandering vagabond, who really knows.  ;)