Another day, another glorious reportage from the misty mountain temples of Gainzzzville.

Stop it Jake, you’re thinking.  You’re not 12 years old.  But your jokes are about to be 12 years old right about now.

Fair enough.  So then here’s just Leah and her very professionally confirmed diopter reduction, vision improvement update:

Gaiiiiin …. ok ok fine I’ll shut up.

There are plenty more of these in our darling Facebook group.

I like posting these reports to continually underscore that we’re collectively the definitive heavyweight resource when it comes to real key to potentially beating the global myopia epidemic (if screen addiction and minus lens symptom treatment can be classified as an epidemic).  In our lifetime we are so very far way ahead of retail optometry, of so-called medicine, with us having realized that myopia isn’t actually an illness.  Really do consider this.  Besides you and your darling eye guru and a niche group of readers here, most humans actually honestly still believe that some mysterious and brand new and globally occurring genetic defect suddenly made a huge portion of the human population short sighted.

Literally (and figuratively especially), hilarious.

Or stupid.

Either way you’re making the gains, optometry even can’t deny the results, and the word is slowly spreading.