Today, a quick video on low-myopia differential glasses (plus lens) scenario.

Note that while this covers the general, common scenario, we’re talking about biology here.  Biology which varies from one person to the next, and there are countless exceptions, tweaks, and considerations.  Watch this as a starting point, and one piece of the puzzle (rather than an absolute answer for everything).

A bit of a pro topic.

Some of these videos are only available from the Pro Topics playlist.

If you don’t have access to that playlist, you can always find it in the Le Meow endmyopia community forum (sign-up link).  I generally keep things updated there most frequently, always the best place to check for updates first.

Note that the plus lens scenario is different for children.  A lot of times kids deal with plus lenses a lot better than adults, and it’s worked well both for prevention and low myopia recovery in those cases.  I can’t give you case specific advice there, no need to e-mail me diopter specific questions (you’ll have to put the pieces together yourself, I’d rather not have the liability).  

If you do have special requests, inquiries, want to impose on guru time, a progress update video link to send me is always the best start.  I’m hoping to get more video updates from students to add to the mix, so if you’re willing to add to the community effort, I’m far more likely to also help you out.